2014 Stories of Life Change & Impact

Whether you have just started receiving our weekly Tipping Points blog, or you have been receiving them for the past 6 months, it is my prayer that they have been encouraging and have helped you in your walk, work, and in the areas God has called you to lead for the sake of Christ, the gospel, and the advancement of His kingdom.

Tipping Points’ Origin

The name Tipping Point was chosen for our blog because it is our passion to be used by God to change not only the lives of individuals, but entire cultures in workplaces (and the homes represented in them), churches, and communities.

To Tip our culture back toward the ways of God, it is going to take many Christ followers/leaders, like you, whom we seek to provide encouragement, coaching, and instruction that will help.

Stories of Transformation Touches

In this edition of Tipping Points I would like to share a handful of stories about how God is bringing both individual change and cultural transformation–not only through Tipping Points, but also through other facets of our ministry, that you may not even be familiar with.

Then, as a means of full, upfront disclosure, I would like to humbly and respectfully ask you to consider being a part of this transformation through your generous year-end gift (which are all tax deductible) and/or by becoming a monthly support partner with us. 

If you have just started receiving Tipping Points, I want to assure you, this is the first time we have invited our subscribers to participate with KWM’s ministry in this way since its inception about 6 months ago, and we do not plan on doing so more than a few times a year in the future.

A Story is Worth a Thousand Images

In our world of icons, logos, and google images we know the truth of the familiar saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Images are certainly powerful for communicating, but I also believe that a story is worth a thousand images.

Here are some stories of how God has wondrously used KWM in the last year to transform lives for His glory!


I met John one morning at a local coffee shop in Fort Collins.  Through tear-filled eyes he shared his story of brokenness.

He had sold jet engines to corporations and private owners of personalized jets around the world for years. Though he had achieved great success in business, he had lost his marriage and was living a meaningless life.

God opened the door for me to share the meaning and sense of mission that He could possess through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Before leaving, out of his own sense of desperation, he cried out to Jesus to receive His gift of forgiveness, eternal life, and asked for His help to restore his broken life! You can read more about John’s story at https://kingdomwayministries.net/a-god-wake-up-call/


Recently, a ministry partner (www.worklife.org), published one of our blog posts entitled “Do You Have Spiritual Schizophrenia?” Munyane left the following comment: (The original post can be found at https://kingdomwayministries.net/do-you-have-spiritual-schizophrenia-3/

 “This message is relevant and on time for me. It’s an answer from God. I have detested my work, feeling that it’s standing in my way of working for God. I was continually procrastinating and tense about my projects, but I was on time for “ministry” duties elsewhere. Now I realize how wrong I was. Thank you.”

Donne and April

Donne and April own and operate a trucking company in Pierce, CO with about 50 employees. Donne is one of the members of our monthly coaching and equipping groups.

Just a couple of Friday evenings ago (at a celebration banquet) he and his wife shared how God has used KWM’s ministry to shape their marriage and their mindset to see and use their business as a ministry.

They told a story about one of their drivers who wrecked a brand new $350,000 rig on the East Coast.  You won’t believe this, but his name is Hazard! (No lie!)

Instead of leaving Hazard stranded to find his way own way home and causing him to worry that his job might be in jeopardy, Donne reached out to him in the compassion of Jesus.

He assured him that he wouldn’t lose his job and he sent another driver, who is a strong Christian, to bring Hazard home. Hazard heard about Christ and His saving grace for hours on that return trip.

Donne and April continue to minister to their employees, like Hazard, and their influence is dramatically changing the culture of their entire company!

Pastor Moses and Liberia, West Africa 

In addition to reaching, discipling, and equipping leaders locally, KWM is seeking to fulfill God’s call to do the same internationally.

Ebola stricken Liberia is one of the countries where God has opened the door for us to do so. Thanks to some gracious donors, Pastor Moses Paye, now serves as KWM’s Liberia Ministry Director.

He assists leading 100 evangelical churches. In addition, he oversees the weekly production of our KWM radio broadcast that reaches thousands of listeners. Here’s the story of two of those listeners…

  •  “Pastor Paye, I am in a new church planting effort… I use Dan’s messages for our group Bible study and discussion. That’s why I call you for further explanations. I am happy that we have this program on air…   The believers here are growing…” (Peter Sackie, Evangelist and Pastor)
  • “Pastor Paye, it’s difficult for us to meet for our regular group study like we used to because of the Ebola situation. But listening to your radio program every week is helping me just as the group study.  I am sure the other pastors share the same view.  Thank you for the hard work. We are with you in prayer, brother, and especially that the program will continue to be on air.” (Solomon King, Jr.)

Did these stories conjure up a thousand images in your mind and heart? I hope one of them is the glorious image of God receiving great accolades of praise for what He is doing!

2015 KWM Goals

I hope another might be how God can use you to help. I am humbled and amazed at what God has done in just over a year’s time.  As I, along with Jim Dismore, KW’s founder, and our board (Click Here to see the incredible make-up of our board) look to 2015, we desire to faithfully steward the ministry God has given us. We believe that He is stirring us to expand our reach in the following ways:

  1. Offering a quarterly, region-wide equipping event for area business leaders.
  2. To self-publish our 1st edition of a 10 month coaching and training program for broader use/reach.
  3. To include S. America in our speaking opportunities. Our goal, as in Trinidad and Tobago, is to start locally led monthly coaching groups in these areas, using our materials.
  4. Start experimenting with more ways to increase our reach through on-line opportunities.

In order for us to steward what we believe God is asking us to do, and to continue being a blessing to you, we need your partnership.  Would you prayerfully consider…

Gifts sent by mail must be post-marked and /or received by December 31, 2014 in order to be used for 2014 tax deductible purposes.

Thank you for your gracious consideration!  If you have any questions, or would like more information, I would love to talk with you! In the meantime, I pray that God will richly bless your worship of Him in the coming Christmas season and as you continue to serve and make Him Famous in 2015!

Gratefully and Humbly,

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Dan Anderson – President/CEO of KWM