A Heart-Pour Message & Prayer from KWM’s President

Do you ever just want to catch a glimpse of the deeper, inner workings and thoughts of a person’s heart and soul, as a refreshing change from another “How To” article or post? 

Heart pour

That is the intent of this one. I hope you will take the time to read it and be blessed. And by the way, if you have kids who like logos, show them the lego pic above. My kids thought it was WAY COOL!

If you’re a regular reader of KWM’s Tipping Points you will quickly observe that this is the first post of 2016. I had originally intended to start posting at least 2 new Tipping Points per month NEXT week for your encouragement and challenge after taking a few weeks break while doing some speaking, traveling, and visiting over the holidays.

But, as I was spending time with our God this morning, I was deeply moved by the Spirit that I “had to” take a few moments to record my heart-pour thoughts and prayers for you THIS week.

Though there are many of you I don’t know personally, I know that there are those of you reading this right now (in one of the 25+ states spread from coast to coast, or in one of the 20 countries smattered around the world) who are struggling. Maybe you are:

  • Feeling incredibly isolated and alone, over-taxed, overwhelmed and exhausted.
  • Facing enormous distress from major financial challenges or decisions that are really weighing on you.
  • Struggling to hold a marriage together, to hang onto or develop a better relationship with your children, grandchildren, or friends.
  • Wondering how you will find the employees, partners, or volunteers you need for your business/ministry.
  • Wrestling with your priorities, trying to discern what goal or project should be tackled first when all of them feel like they need your time and attention now.
  • Successful and content in many ways perhaps, but still you want more.
  • Longing to be a man or woman of God who is wanting to better leverage your positions, passions, and possessions to radically change people’s lives and even transform your company or church culture–or even city (Jer. 29:4-11), but you need regular doses of encouragement, help, and better tools to do the work God is calling you to.

So I want you to know that…

  1. You are not alone.
  2. You are deeply cared for.
  3. You are being prayed for – with every Tipping Point that goes out and more.
  4. I–through these Tipping Points and KWM’s other workshops, leadership development groups, and other tools / resources–long to be a part of God’s personal care, encouragement, and equipping arm for you.

In the year to come, in addition to seeing posts like you’ve been accustomed to, I may be including some guest posts from other leaders. I may, from time to time, also be sharing some information about our workshops, our Kingdom Leadership Council Groups, and about some of the new resources we are working on providing for you to help in making your work and ministry one.

Whenever you see these, I hope you will know without a doubt, that the main motivation of my heart is to simply be a vessel available for God’s use, as Paul instructed Timothy:

“Let the goal of your instruction be love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” ~ 1 Timothy 1:5

Further, I would sincerely appreciate your help (even if a particular Tipping Point or resource didn’t hit you at the time) to share it with others in your sphere of influence.

A great way to start doing so would be to invite others to subscribe to receive KWM’s Tipping Points in their inbox. To do so (Click Here) and copy and paste the URL from this post and send them a quick email with the link to subscribe in the right side bar.

Now, I would like to sound off from this Tipping Point with a prayer for each of you, based on some of the later verses in Psalm 5, which was the stimulus for this post.

“O my gracious Father! I pray for these, my fellow lead followers of Christ, my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I thank you for their lives, the gifts you have given them, and the areas of stewardship you’ve provided for their service.

I pray that each of them would regularly take refuge in You so their hearts will be glad and sing for joy. I beg, O God, that You will spread your forcefield of protection around them so they will be safe and stable, despite the enemy’s onslaughts that would try to completely destroy their lives and usefulness in the coming year.

In addition, my soul pleads for them:

  • that they would love Your name and seek Your fame more than ever in this coming year,
  • that they would regularly hear Your whispers of instruction through Your Word, Your Spirit, and through fellow travelers in our journey heavenward,
  • AND that they would have the posture or predisposition without shrinking back from all You ask of them,
  • BUT proceed with great courage and trust;
  • SO THAT they would find the abundant and joyous life You came to offer them and lead others to that same abundant life through their faithful salt and light witness.

O Lord, regardless of our sins and failures of the past year, You have forgiven us, redeemed us, and we stand righteous before You, dressed in the righteous garb of Christ!

From that righteous endowment, and the authority You have passed onto us to live out Your kingdom reality on this earth now, SURELY, O Lord, it is in Your heart of grace and goodness to bless your righteous children. 

So, I pray that blessing upon my righteous fellow followers right now and ask that You will surround them with Your favor as with a shield. In the precious name of our Savior, Jesus, AMEN.”