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”Colorado RoundTable is the most inclusive and universal Leadership/Self Development process introduced to the State of Colorado.”

“Individual character and character building are foundational to success.  Values are the individual components that make up character.  The awareness, understanding and activation of values leads to better life choices; better decision making, and this leads to higher levels of success.  Character creates lasting and meaningful success in life and allows us to share that success within our circles of influence in family and work.”

Impacting Individuals

Impacting Organizations

Impacting Society

Colorado RoundTable is simple in concept but easily duplicated
Colorado RoundTable is for everyone.  From the family dinner table to the corporate boardroom.  From the cell in prison to the classroom.
Culture needing recalibrating?  Colorado RoundTable delivers.
Incremental consistent improvement causes lasting change.  Colorado RoundTable.
Colorado RoundTable builds trust, engagement and connectivity.
Colorado RoundTable facilitates cooperative learning.  

As a direct result of Colorado RoundTable, individuals experience immediate and meaningful positive changes.  By participating in Colorado RoundTable, participants improve their understanding of values, self-awareness and cooperation.  HR issues diminish when employees actively engage in RoundTable.  When partners bring Colorado RoundTable into their organizations, they empower their people to experience leadership and real positive change in areas such as respect, hard work, listening and better teamwork. 

The Colorado RoundTable process implemented at executive level is also applicable by 13-year-olds with our schools, within government, the public sector, prison systems, sports organizations, business and industry and nonprofits who deal with addition, mental challenges, support groups and social difficulties. 
VISION:  To introduce Colorado RoundTable to 10% of the population in Colorado within the next 10 years.  This 10% represents the tipping point by which the culture of our state will transform. 
Colorado RoundTable is not a teaching system and is not a training program.  Colorado RoundTable is a process that creates a shared language and understanding giving opportunity to course-correct behavior.  This is what culture is based on. 

Interested in finding out more, jumping into a RoundTable group or discovering how to experience a RoundTable in your organization (on us!)? Thank you for your interest in Colorado RoundTable. Please answer all questions below and use any additional space you require to provide us with a full snapshot of yourself.

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