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As a speaker, coach, mentor and author, Dan gets jazzed about inciting and outfitting marketplace leaders and Pastors to thrive in life, business, and ministry through transformative learning experiences. With leadership tenures both in the marketplace and in the church serving as a Pastor, he brings over 30 years of insight and wisdom to those he empowers through global speakingregional events, executive team trainings, monthly peer advisory and mentoring groups, coaching, and the leadership development curriculum tracks and Tipping Points blog he has authored.

Dan and his wife, Ilona, have been married for over 30 years and live-in northern Colorado with their daughter Isabella. They also possess great pride in their twin sons who are serving in the United States Navy. Dan enjoys reading, hiking, biking, working out, and an occasional round of golf.

Dan serves as the President/CEO of Kingdom Way Ministries, is a certified coach with Five Capitals, and also holds credentials with Strata Leadership as well as possessing a master’s degree in counseling.



Greg brings 40+ years of experience in business, nonprofit leadership and service to community.  Greg has been involved in fifteen businesses either as start-ups or investing and has served on over twelve nonprofit and ministry boards throughout his career.  But Greg’s real heart is in serving and is a natural at networking.  
Greg’s skill set is in growing business.  Recognized as a Business Growth Strategist, Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Author, Greg’s marketing ingenuity and aggressive growth mindset combined with keen listening and servant skills provides quintessential coaching insight and support. 
Greg comes from Texas and grew up in his fourth-generation family business of men’s clothing stores.  It is here where Greg learned how to work hard and sell to customers.  Over the years of Greg’s career, his “selling” skills morphed into “serving” skills, which he has applied successfully in the many ventures he has contributed to.  
One of Greg’s current focuses is with Cultural Transformation Teams and Colorado RoundTable.   CTT and RoundTable is a concept that has been in existence for over 30 years and in its simplistic process, produces miraculous transformation to participants, business and organizations.  

One hour once a week where one of 48 values is discussed in small groups. Cultural Transformation Teams and Colorado RoundTable is the most inclusive and universal process for leadership/individual development introduced to the state of Colorado and is literally for everyone.  From the family dinner table to the board room, from the prison cell to the classroom, Cultural Transformation Teams and Colorado RoundTable transforms lives and culture and translates to business and industry through bottom line improvements. 



Moses Paye, director, Liberia, West Africa: With financial support from Kingdom Way Ministries, Moses Paye provides oversight and leadership development for more than 100 churches and pastors affiliated with the Evangelical Churches of Liberia. He also hosts regular discipleship training for other church and business leaders. Mr. Paye hosts a Kingdom Way Ministry radio broadcast that reaches about 3 million people — and is continually working toward broadcasting to 16 west African countries by the end of 2016. Many pastors who listen to the broadcasts use the messages for personal growth and to preach to their own congregations.
able to inspire others to be their best.



Ramdath Rampaul, director, Trinidad and Tobago: 

For more than 30 years, Ramdath Rampaul has pastored the City of God Church, which has been burned down several times because of persecution of Christians. Through perseverance and outreach, the church continues to reach people for Christ — including through a school that delivers such high-quality education that it is attended by students from Muslim and Hindu families.
Mr. Rampaul also helped to start the Trinidad and Tobago affiliate of Youth with a Mission, or YWAM, a global ministry for young people, and he is a key team member leading Mettamorphosis, a ministry focused on leadership development in churches and businesses.

KWM Board



Chair Former COO of Lighthouse Financial in Broomfield, CO.


Vice Chair & Secretary. Partner at Financial Advisor at Innovative Financial Partners, LLC in Aurora, CO.


Treasurer. Financial Services Professional at Thrivent Financial


Kingdom Way Ministries’ focused delivery methodology is coaching. For us, coaching isn’t a formula — we listen intently to you and then build your curated blueprint. Helping you prioritize your strengths, identify limiting pains and optimizing your business is at the heart of all we do. Powerful listening, assessment tools, KWM archived resources and Jesus applications are the “how” in what sets us different from other coaching platforms.

We offer coaching for executives, teams, and cohorts through strategic one hour sessions as well as group intensives. Coaching is generally weekly or biweekly for one hour, held via video conference call or in-person meetings.

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Kingdom Way is a non-profit ministry that pulsates to incite and outfit business owners, CEO’s, and other marketplace and ministry leaders to thrive in life, business, and ministry through transformative learning experiences.

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