Live, Love and Lead like Jesus!

Whether a future leader, junior executive or aspiring to just be the best you can become, Kingdom Way Coaching helps identify pain barriers for you to open pathways to implement new cognitive strategies to achieve personal, relational and leadership mastery.

Business /Leadership Coaching

Every one of us, as leaders, have big dreams, ideas and goals we want to achieve. So why is it so difficult to turn those dreams into reality? Executive Coaching will equip you with the tools and processes to uncover the obstacles standing in the way of your vision becoming reality. Executive coaching is ideal for growing leaders such as:

  • Independent entrepreneurs and business owners with a vision to break through barriers for sustainable growth
  • CEO’s with a passion to create a healthy business culture
  • Pastors and church leaders with a desire to better shepherd those they lead and serve
  • Those knowing there is more and seeking to make, and leave, a legacy
Why Work With Us?
  • Expertise
We are experts with a combined experience base of one century in leadership in business and personal development. Work-life balance is an important component to recalibrate and sustain the cultural improvements you desire. We make no effort to hide that we are Christ Centered and this is infused into all our decisions and leadership methodology in coaching, training and speaking. We have worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to improve health, productivity, and profitability.
  • Evaluation
Benchmarking where you are at this place in time through power based questions and assessments from our archive of tools is your starting point in understanding where you are and where you want to be. Establishing your purpose, or your “why”, is a valuable anchor to overcoming and
  • Empowerment
Developing the snapshot of where you are now provides the framework for developing your clear path forward. Our coaching support and collaboration keep you focused and on track for the changes that you are desiring. This leads to healthy cultures that is the result of your leadership and team that is becoming self-aware, engaged, and focused, willing to be a Shepherd Leader
able to inspire others to be their best.

Coaching isn’t a formula — we listen well and then make a plan.

We’ve all been to seminars or events that have inspired us, only to go home, put our notes into a drawer and see very little change. Our coaches help you to gain clarity, increase in confidence, and achieve the goals we set. Reach out, say hello, and take action.

Meet the Coaches

Dan Anderson

President & CEO of Kingdom Way Ministries /
FCCI National Ministry Director

Greg Muehlberger

Vice President of Community Partnerships of Kingdom Way Ministries – An initiative of FCCI

Dan Harty

Helping marketplace leaders thrive in the second half of life, Certified Coach, Windsor, Colorado

Patrick Jolliffe​

Financial Success, Professional Coach, Denver, Colorado

Doug Klein

Mortgage & Real Estate Lending, Loan Consultant & Coach, Severance, Colorado

John Wiseman

Executive Coach, Founder and Owner of Lacuna Coaching Group


Kingdom Way Ministries’ focused delivery methodology is coaching. For us, coaching isn’t a formula — we listen intently to you and then build your curated blueprint. Helping you prioritize your strengths, identify limiting pains and optimizing your business is at the heart of all we do. Powerful listening, assessment tools, KWM archived resources and Jesus applications are the “how” in what sets us different from other coaching platforms.

We offer coaching for executives, teams, and cohorts through strategic one hour sessions as well as group intensives. Coaching is generally weekly or biweekly for one hour, held via video conference call or in-person meetings.

About Us

Kingdom Way is a Colorado Leadership Training ministry that equips entrepreneurs,  business owners, CEO’s, solopreneurs and emerging leaders to love, live and lead like Jesus.

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Team Coaching

Coaching (2)

We are all familiar with the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work ” and we all know why we’ve heard it.  Because it’s true! But strong, healthy and productive teams are not acts of random.  Healthy teams are spawned from relationship building and investing into values that allow a culture to thrive.   We deliberately choose team members that come into each of our groups from unique industries with compatible skills and visions and this is one of our distinctive and dynamic elements of KWM groups.  Our coaches help discover, encourage and navigate your team to personal and team breakthroughs.  Team coaching is ideal for:

  • Leadership Teams who need consistent monthly coaching
  • Groups interested in limited-term assessment based coaching in a specific area
  • Cohorts wanting to fine tune their company culture

Additional Offerings



Are you ready to take a deeper dive? Are you looking for a great next step into connecting with Kingdom Way Ministries? We are equipped  with a full range of leadership deliveries that can be tailored to your specific goals. We call it Coaching.  You’ll call it breakthroughs.

A great way to introduce your team or associates to Five Capitals coaching while receiving practical tools for business growth.
From strategy sessions to team building days, we can join your team to cover specific topics, work through a personality assessment, or build your business culture.
 Our coaches are prepared to speak at your next employee training, business gathering, or church staff retreat on a variety of topics.
Sometimes the challenges you face can’t be covered in a weekly one-hour call. Retreats and intensives provide us more time to accelerate the transformation process.
About Us

Kingdom Way is a non-profit ministry that pulsates to incite and outfit business owners, CEO’s, and other marketplace and ministry leaders to thrive in life, business, and ministry through transformative learning experiences.

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Kingdom Way Coaching

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  • Perfect for leaders or those desiring to increase their leadership capacity
  • Join a community and increase accountability and success
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Dan Anderson

President & CEO of Kingdom Way Ministries

As a speaker, coach, mentor and author, Dan gets jazzed about inciting and outfitting marketplace leaders and Pastors to thrive in life, business, and ministry through transformative learning experiences. With leadership tenures both in the marketplace and in the church serving as a Pastor, he brings over 30 years of insight and wisdom to those he empowers through global speaking, regional events, executive team trainings, monthly peer advisory and mentoring groups, coaching, and the leadership development curriculum tracks and Tipping Points blog he has authored.

Dan and his wife, Ilona, have been married for over 30 years and live-in northern Colorado with their daughter Isabella. They also possess great pride in their twin sons who are serving in the United States Navy. Dan enjoys reading, hiking, biking, working out, and an occasional round of golf.

Dan serves as the President/CEO of Kingdom Way Ministries, is a certified coach with Five Capitals, and also holds credentials with Strata Leadership as well as possessing a master’s degree in counseling.

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Greg Muehlberger

Vice President of Community Partnerships

Greg brings 40+ years of experience in business, nonprofit leadership and service to community.  Greg has been involved in fifteen businesses either as start-ups or investing and has served on over twelve nonprofit and ministry boards throughout his career.  But Greg’s real heart is in serving and is a natural at networking.  
Greg’s skill set is in growing business.  Recognized as a Business Growth Strategist, Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Author, Greg’s marketing ingenuity and aggressive growth mindset combined with keen listening and servant skills provides quintessential coaching insight and support. 
Greg comes from Texas and grew up in his fourth-generation family business of men’s clothing stores.  It is here where Greg learned how to work hard and sell to customers.  Over the years of Greg’s career, his “selling” skills morphed into “serving” skills, which he has applied successfully in the many ventures he has contributed to.  
One of Greg’s current focuses is with Cultural Transformation Teams and Colorado RoundTable.   CTT and RoundTable is a concept that has been in existence for over 30 years and in its simplistic process, produces miraculous transformation to participants, business and organizations.  One hour once a week where one of 48 values is discussed in small groups. Cultural Transformation Teams and Colorado RoundTable is the most inclusive and universal process for leadership/individual development introduced to the state of Colorado and is literally for everyone.  From the family dinner table to the board room, from the prison cell to the classroom, Cultural Transformation Teams and Colorado RoundTable transforms lives and culture and translates to business and industry through bottom line improvements.    

Dan Harty

Helping marketplace leaders thrive in the second half of life, Certified Coach, Windsor, Colorado

Dan possesses a unique set of qualifications to guide marketplace leaders who find themselves spiritually, relationally, and physically stuck, helping them reshape their lives for a future filled with joy and purpose in the second half of their journey. At the core of Dan’s beliefs is the idea that the abundant life is discovered through the act of giving life to others. To achieve this, we must first be spiritually, relationally, and physically healthy. Dan’s passion is coaching men to cultivate these habits, serving both God’s Kingdom and their closest relationships.

Dan is not only a gifted and captivating speaker, making a lasting impact at retreats and corporate events, but also an effective coach for men who acknowledge their stagnation and are willing to put in the effort to flourish spiritually, relationally, and physically. He has also honed his skills as a seasoned facilitator of monthly counsel groups, where like- minded men unite to encourage and inspire each other on their journey toward spiritual, relational, and physical health.

A Colorado native, Dan holds a Business degree from the University of Northern Colorado. He enjoyed a successful career as a Senior Investment Management Consultant from 1985 – 2005 and has owned small businesses. Recently, he led Windsor Community Church (2007-2023) and now oversees the Rocky Mountain Region for the Crossway Network of Churches. Dan’s interests range from theology and leadership to fitness. He’s a certified 5 Capitals coach, FINRA-approved arbitrator, CrossFit Level-1 coach and is pursuing a Nutrition certification with NASM. He’s dedicated to helping others thrive spiritually, relationally and physically. In his free time, Dan treasures moments with his growing family and enjoys life’s journey with his wife, Nancy.


Patrick Jolliffe

Financial Success, Professional Coach. Denver, Colorado

Patrick “Pat” Jolliffe has been coaching clients and advisors alike on financial success since 1994. His passion for serving people led him to align with other professionals at Five Capitals for its expertise, collaborative support and myriad tools for coaching success.

As an “Enthusiastic Visionary,” Pat seeks variety, stimulation, and fun, tackling challenges with optimism and engaging with life in a future-oriented way.

His creativity, energy and optimism have been instrumental in his business and leadership success and are an integral part of his coaching style. Doug has spent the last 30 years building successful small businesses and leading sales teams in Northern Colorado, mainly in the highly competitive mortgage and real estate industries. Doug also made time to volunteer at the local.

Pat is a veteran of the securities and insurance industries. Over the years, Pat has founded three separate Registered Investment Advisory firms, with his experience spanning the intricacies of firm and client management. Mr. Jolliffe has served in myriad areas of discipline, including investment advisory and individual and business financial planning. He earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary and Chartered Financial Consultant designations and is a graduate of the University of Denver School of Business Management. Pat also earned his Certificate in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University in 2015. He has a passion for apologetics, has served as a Board Member of Kingdom Way Ministries over the last several years, and is a member of its Professional Coaching Team.

Pat and his wife Jan have four children, and two grandchildren, and enjoy spending time between their homes in Western Nebraska and Central WyomingNorthern Colorado, mainly in the highly competitive.


Doug Klein

Mortgage & Real Estate Lending, Loan Consultant & Coach, Severance, Colorado

Doug started his career in coaching 45 years ago as a High School football coach, then moving into the college ranks for a total of 10 years. He loved helping young people grow and achieve goals that they didn’t think were possible in the moment.

Doug has spent the last 30 years building successful small businesses and leading sales teams in Northern Colorado, mainly in the highly competitive mortgage and real estate industries. Doug also made time to volunteer at the local High School athletic department and football program (where he got his start in coaching) because of the passion he has for helping people reach their God given potential.

Simply put, Doug’s main purpose is to use his life and professional experience along with the training from 5 Capitals, to help people see and understand what they want, who they are, and their “why” then help them build a successful, sustainable path forward for success in all areas of their lives.

Doug and his wife Stephanie live in Severance Colorado and have a blended family of 4 adult children, daughter in law and 5 grandchildren.

When they are not working, they are visiting their children in Kansas and Colorado or in Centennial Wyoming exploring the Snowy Range with their two Aussies, Major and Cody.

We all have a story……Let’s make it a great one!

John Wiseman

John Wiseman

Executive Coach, Founder and Owner of Lacuna Coaching Group

John Wiseman runs the Lacuna Coaching Group in partnership with Kingdom Way Ministries. John was born in Ohio and is now a dual US/Canadian citizen who has lived and worked in both countries. He has served in Executive and P&L management positions in both for profit and non-profit companies. John’s passion is to invite business CEO’s and owners into confidential peer advisory groups. He has observed how these groups can improve business practices, increase profitability, dispel the loneliness that often accompanies business leadership and provide a platform for discovering the higher purpose of extending the Kingdom of God.

Prior to being called to be a Peer Group Coach in the Colorado region, John served as the President of Corpath Business Forums – a Peer Group company located in Denver’s sister city – Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Just before joining Corpath, John spent a number of years leading a management consulting company which served the Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Education sectors. During his consulting time, he gained experience in employee recruitment, selection and onboarding, organizational effectiveness and team building.

John pulls upon his people practice expertise in the business world as he guides business leaders through his proprietary peer group process at the Lacuna Coaching Group. Lacuna has groups meeting in Fort Collins and Cherry Creek.

John has seen firsthand how combining an advisory group experience with one-on-one executive coaching, and commitment to mutual accountability is a powerful combination to help leaders take their business, and ministry, impact to a much higher level.