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Whether a future leader, junior executive or aspiring to just be the best you can become, Kingdom Way Ministries 1-on-1 Coaching helps identify pain barriers for you to open pathways to implement new cognitive strategies to achieve personal, relational and leadership mastery.

Executive Coaching

Every one of us, as leaders, have big dreams, ideas and goals we want to achieve. So why is it so difficult to turn those dreams into reality? Executive Coaching will equip you with the tools and processes to uncover the obstacles standing in the way of your vision becoming reality. Executive coaching is ideal for growing leaders such as:

  • Independent entrepreneurs and business owners with a vision to break through barriers for sustainable growth
  • CEO’s with a passion to create a healthy business culture
  • Pastors and church leaders with a desire to better shepherd those they lead and serve
  • Those knowing there is more and seeking to make, and leave, a legacy

Thank you for your interest in being coached or consulting within your organization. Please answer all questions below and use any additional space you require to provide us with a full snapshot of yourself.


Kingdom Way Ministries’ focused delivery methodology is coaching. For us, coaching isn’t a formula — we listen intently to you and then build your curated blueprint. Helping you prioritize your strengths, identify limiting pains and optimizing your business is at the heart of all we do. Powerful listening, assessment tools, KWM archived resources and Jesus applications are the “how” in what sets us different from other coaching platforms.

We offer coaching for executives, teams, and cohorts through strategic one hour sessions as well as group intensives. Coaching is generally weekly or biweekly for one hour, held via video conference call or in-person meetings.

Team Coaching

Coaching (2)

We are all familiar with the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work ” and we all know why we’ve heard it.  Because it’s true! But strong, healthy and productive teams are not acts of random.  Healthy teams are spawned from relationship building and investing into values that allow a culture to thrive.   We deliberately choose team members that come into each of our groups from unique industries with compatible skills and visions and this is one of our distinctive and dynamic elements of KWM groups.  Our coaches help discover, encourage and navigate your team to personal and team breakthroughs.  Team coaching is ideal for:

  • Leadership Teams who need consistent monthly coaching
  • Groups interested in limited-term assessment based coaching in a specific area
  • Cohorts wanting to fine tune their company culture

Additional Offerings



Are you ready to take a deeper dive? Are you looking for a great next step into connecting with Kingdom Way Ministries? We are equipped  with a full range of leadership deliveries that can be tailored to your specific goals. We call it Coaching.  You’ll call it breakthroughs.

A great way to introduce your team or associates to Five Capitals coaching while receiving practical tools for business growth.
From strategy sessions to team building days, we can join your team to cover specific topics, work through a personality assessment, or build your business culture.
 Our coaches are prepared to speak at your next employee training, business gathering, or church staff retreat on a variety of topics.
Sometimes the challenges you face can’t be covered in a weekly one-hour call. Retreats and intensives provide us more time to accelerate the transformation process.

Are you ready to Thrive?

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Kingdom Way is a non-profit ministry that pulsates to incite and outfit business owners, CEO’s, and other marketplace and ministry leaders to thrive in life, business, and ministry through transformative learning experiences.

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