The Transformative Benefits of the Word of God

In Psalm 19:7 it says that the “law of the Lord is perfect REVIVING the soul.”

This is the direct OPPOSITE what often happens when facing the demands of leading a business, non-profit organization or a team. Instead of LIFE being poured into us, it can often get SUCKED out at an alarming rate, leaving our souls bone dry.

Pouring ourselves out for the growth and good of those we lead and for the glory of God is a privilege and is what Christ modeled for us every day of His ministry while on earth. To be a lead-follower of Jesus calls for a “sacrificial outpouring” of ourselves every day.

But, in order to do that day in and day out, it is absolutely essential that we be intentional about allowing God to pour His life back into us.

As I was reading casually through Psalm 119 the other day, I noticed life and energy seeping back into my soul. That sensation, I believe sparked the Spirit’s whisper to my heart saying, “Take the next 20 minutes and record every benefit of my Word you notice from Psalm 119.”

So I did. Below is the list I feel compelled to share with you today.

Take just a few moments, to read through this list of just 30 benefits of God’s Word

  • Which blessings or benefits of God’s Word stands out most to you?
  • Which do you need the most right now in your leadership to refill what’s been depleted?
  • What would it look like if these benefits were a part of your DAILY spiritual diet through feasting on God’s Word?
  • How would you show up as a leader differently each day?
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