Workshops & Speaking

Speaking & Workshops

In addition to Keynote & Breakout Sessions for Conferences around the world, KWM offers a variety of instruction in flexible formats that can be customized to meet the needs of:

  • Executive & Management teams,

  • Organizational Addresses,

  • And Church / Non-profit ministry settings (including pulpit supply). 

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Leadership / Team Development Training for Businesses & Other Marketplace Organizations

  • Designed to build healthy cultures of trust, care, creativity, alignment, & action.
  • Consisting of 3 Vital Components of transformation: Character, Competence, & Consistency.
  • Supported and driven by biblical values and concepts.

A Workshop for Churches & Marketplace Ministries

Crafted to help you & those you lead to make The Switch from…

  • a Monday filled with moans to finding the grander meaning and mission  Christ intended.
  • just surviving in the workplace to thriving in it.
  • encountering God not just on Sunday but also on Monday.

Other KWM Speaking & Training Topics


  • The Ferrari Factor: How to Build High Performance Teams
  • Commandeering Conflict 
  • Stress Fractures:
  • MVP Leadership
  • The Trust Commodity
  • The Personality Portal
  • Other Customizable Topics 

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