Courageous-Crying Warrior

In a landmark decision the Supreme Court ruled early last week that requiring family owned corporations to pay for insurance coverage for contraception under the Affordable Care Act violated a federal law protecting religious freedom.

As I heard of the news of this decision when I was huffing and puffing away on my Nordic Track, my first thought was, “Man, it is so refreshing to have such an important ruling finally favor Christians and the ways of the righteous for a change!” I then found myself rejoicing in God’s work of intervention and His response to the cries of the righteous who have been praying about this for months.

God’s Sovereign Rule

For the LORD Almighty has purposed and who can thwart Him?
His hand is stretched out and who can turn it back? (Isa. 43:17)

It reminded me that God is still on the throne of the cosmos, firmly in control, and orchestrating all the events of human history for His good, all-wise, and holy purposes.  “Thank you our Father for this wonderful truth!”

The Courage and Obedience of His Servants

As often is the case, however, God graciously allows us to be a part of carrying out His sovereign purposes.  This time it was the President and Founder of Hobby Lobby.  David Green openly attributes his success to his faith in God and claims to have built his business on biblical principles. It was on the basis of his biblical convictions that caused him to courageously challenge the aspects of the Affordable Care Act that would have mandated employers to provide birth-control coverage as part of the insurance packages they offer their employees. COURAGE COUNTS & SO DO THE CRIES OF THE RIGHTEOUS!

Another Courageous, Crying Warrior Who Impacted His Culture for God and His People

This story reminded me of one of my favorite Bible heroes: Nehemiah!  When Nehemiah heard the report of the sad spiritual and physical state of his people and his homeland in Jerusalem, he wept, mourned, and fasted and prayed for days (Neh. 1:4).  Commenting on Nehemiah’s prayer, author of Why Revival Tarries and Revival Praying, Leonard Ravenhill, wrote, “The world has lost the ability to blush over its vices and brokenness and the church has lost her power to weep over it.”

What a statement!  That certainly was not true of Nehemiah. He blushed over his nation’s sins, and in brokenness wept before God, confessing his–and his nation’s sin, while begging for God’s sovereignty to intervene. As a result of that time of mourning and praying, Nehemiah ended up being the one God nudged to courageously lead the charge of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and restoring the nation’s allegiance to following God and His ways.

A Call for Courageous-Crying-Warriors

Even just one surrendered, courageous-crying-warrior can make TIPPING POINT, cultural shifting, contribution for the cause of Christ and His kingdom!  Can you imagine if there were many?

  • How often do you blush over our nation’s current spiritual state?
  • How often do you weep and cry out to God for His powerful intervention?
  • Do you long to see God move and work in mighty ways to bring His gospel of redemption and restoration to the people you lead and/or serve?
  • In what way is He calling you to courageously put your faith and your biblical convictions to practice in your workplace? In your church? In your home?


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