What in the World is a Tipping Point?

In a recent gathering of over 60 leaders in Trinidad and Tobago, I defined a Tipping Point as a measurable shift in culture or a product because of some force that causes change to take place. In the context of the presentations we gave that morning we challenged the leaders present to offer themselves to God to be that measurable and undeniable shift that pulls others (and even the number of Hindus and Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago) to transfer their allegiance to following Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul, and mind.

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Is That Even Possible?

Even as I type the above words, I ask myself, “Dan, come on!—do you really believe that is possible?”  Admit it! You were wondering too, weren’t you? There are times that I doubt it is possible when the current of culture seems to be so strongly forcing people in a different direction. There are times that I doubt when the enormity of the calling I feel God has placed on my life weighs down on me with a 4-G kind of force. I’m told that a person exposed to 4Gs starts to lose color and vision. That’s such an apt description of how I feel in such times: vision begins to wane and life becomes blandly colorless.


Faith Replaces Doubt

But when I think of the cross—and my Savior hanging on it to bear the weight of my (and the world’s) sin and shame… and when I think of why He did it: to redeem me (and the world) and restore what was lost through the consequences of sin instituted after the fall of Adam and Eve, my doubt begins to ebb away, leaving the belief that such transformation IS possible.  Further, when God begins to move, like I believe He was that morning in Trinidad, in the hearts of Pastors, government officials, business owners, and several non-profit and para-church ministry leaders to believe that it is possible tip culture back to follow God fully, my vision is restored and strengthened. This breakfast meeting alone was well worth the trip for me.

Other Objectives Accomplished to Further a Tipping Weight in Trinidad, Tobago and Beyond

Kingdom Kids Private School at City of God Church
From Left to Right: Pastor Rampaul (City of God Ministries), Bickram Singh (Pastor and Businessman, Heera Rampaul (IT Director for Gov’t Health), Jim Dismore (Founder/Chairman of KWM), Russell Aching (Businessman and President of the Christian Intl. Chamber of Commerce), Farouk Mohammed (Pastor and President of a Bible College), and myself.

God of the Unexpected:

It is just like God to provide opportunities above and beyond!  I will mention two.

  1. First, we had at least 2-3 government leaders ask us if we would come back and do a seminar in the chamber of their national government. If      this would be of God, please pray that He will open wide those doors for us to minister!
  2. Second, at a break in one of the last meetings we had at City of God Ministries, a young teenage girl spoke with Jim.  She said something like, “I just wanted you to know that because you obeyed God to come here that I’ve decided to follow Christ as my Savior.”

Only God!  Because our ministry with this church was primarily focused on discipleship and equipping—and not necessarily evangelism—I have no clue how this young women came to the conclusion that she needed Christ in her life!  I so praise Him that He is the God of the unexpected!

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