Shocked by an Unsuspecting Report

Have you ever been shocked to find out something about a person you would have never imagined?

It was the first time I had met him. Prior to having coffee with him, just three weeks ago, I was eagerly looking forward to our conversation. 

For two years I had heard glowing reports from many about what an outstanding Christian Business person he was. I had heard of his commitment to his local church and of the many good things he does for those in his company and community.

During the course of sipping coffee and enjoying some casual conversation, God’s Spirit moved our discussion deeper.

My new friend lowered the protective casing of his heart enough to reveal some huge hurts and life disappointments he had been experiencing. Then, he openly revealed a reality I never would have never guessed:

“I know I have not received Jesus as my Savior.”

My initial shock quickly subsided and instead I sensed God’s power and peace. I realized God had opened a portal into hallowed territory and was able to share the liberating and life-giving truth of the simple gospel message.

My friend, this is the a huge piece of what Kingdom Way Ministries is all about. This Tipping Points blog you receive in your inbox–which I hope has been of help to you in your faith, work and leadership–is just the “tip of the iceberg” in what God is doing to transform the lives of individuals and communities.

KWM is very much about introducing people to the Hope of the world, the Healer of hurts, the Helper who provides purpose for our walk and work.

It is about equipping such ones to follow Christ fully and leverage their leadership influence to reach and develop others, both in their sphere of influence (their workplaces & churches) and around the world.

In this blog, I would like to share with you some of the remarkable ways the Lord has enabled KWM to do so in the last year, and some of the future initiatives and goals for 2017 God is leading us to, that I hope God will use to stir and inspire you to be more proactively a part of.

Some Remarkable 2016 Kingdom Wins

  • Leveraging the gifts of 16 other facilitators/mentors to be used in KLC Groups.
  • Expanding our KLC Groups internationally to Ghana, Africa.

Impacting thousands, if not millions through…

  • Quarterly local events in Colorado for Christian leaders in business and church ministry.
  • Church, school, and business speaking engagements and workshops locally & globally.
  • A radio program that airs weekly in Liberia, West Africa that reaches most of Liberia and several surrounding countries (projected to reach 16 West African countries in the near future).
  • Helping the church planting and training efforts of over 100 evangelical churches in Liberia (touching thousands of lives in West Africa) by providing 100 palm tress & 3 motor bikes so the indigenous Pastors & leaders there can work toward sustainable income strategies to enhance & expand their ministry. Read more here…
  • Our Tipping Points Blog that reaches people in approximately 30 states in the U.S. and countries around the world.

Some 2017 Initiatives We’re Working On!

  • Starting new KLC Groups for Christian Business Leaders locally and nationally. Contact us here if you would like to help in some way.
  • Conduct several workshops in churches locally and nationally to help church leaders to better equip their people with the principles and resources to fully integrate their followership of Christ into their workplaces for broad kingdom impact. Contact us here if you would like to schedule this workshop in your church in 2017. For other KWM speaking engagements or Church Workshops, read more here To host a Strata Leadership Workshop in your company or organization, read more here
  • Greatly expand the work God has begun in Ghana
  • Plan/conduct a Pastor’s Training Conference in Liberia and start branching out our ministry there to also impact Christian Business Leaders in Liberia.

As I look back, I do so with incredible thankfulness to God for His amazing faithfulness—and to you, for your interest in KWM.

As I look ahead to the end of this year and to what we believe God is leading us to do in 2017, I do so with the dependent realization that it will only be possible through God’s help—and the generosity of His people who are led to partner with us.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us in one or more of the following ways?

❑     A generous 1-time-year-end gift?

❑     Linking arms with us to become a KWM Monthly Support Partner?

Should God move in your heart to do so, please visit where you can:

  • Give a one-time-gift
  • Set up a recurring KWM Monthly Partner Gift
  • Give in other creative ways such as donating used electronics, vehicles, crop portions etc. Just click the “Non-Cash Gifts” or “Other” tab here.

For gifts equaling $350 or more, you will receive (upon e-mail written request) a thank you gift of a one year on-line subscription to the Foundational Leadership KLC Development Program (see overview here), containing:

KWM is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts given to KWM are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Gifts desired to be used for these purposes for the 2016 tax year must received by December 31, 2016.

If preferred, checks can also be mailed (made out to KWM) to (KWM: c/o Dan Anderson, 3694 Fletcher St., Loveland, CO 80538)

Thank you for your gracious consideration!  I pray that you will have a most wonderful Christmas and that you will seek to MAKE HIM FAMOUS in 2017!


Daniel J. Anderson, President / CEO of KWM

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