WorkLife Pastor’s / Leader’s Guide


This ministry guide gives you access to over 10 years of research and techniques used in training leaders and churches to equip people for ministry in the workplace. The WorkLife Church Guide is delivered in digital PDF format.

For Church Leaders, Pastors, and Ministry Champions

Yes, it is possible to equip your people for ministry and missions right at the point of their greatest potential impact: their work! We’ve spent well over a decade tackling the issue of how congregations empower and equip for ministry in the workplace, and this guide gives you access to our research and first-hand experience.


The WorkLife Church Guide provides not only a basic overview of why addressing ministry at work is so important, but also a holistic biblical framework based on six principles for teaching and generating a God-filled WorkLife. Implementation ideas and best practices are also included.


Why? People spend most of their time and have most of their relational influence at work. Yet, for most, they are disconnected (Switched off) to God’s purpose for their work and unequipped. This results in their workplace witness being anemic or damaged, causing believers and nonbelievers alike to conclude that Christianity doesn’t apply at all to work. Resezarch shows that most church goers are well-meaning Christians experiencing untold pain, discouragement, and spiritual powerlessness at work. For this reason, we are compelled to take immediate action in serving the spiritual formation and practical needs around people’s work life.

What Benefits Will I Experience?

  • You will be able to more clearly communicate to other church staff and your entire congregation regarding the biblical importance of work life ministry.
  • Gain greater understanding of how to make the leap from theological understanding to actual practical application with the use of The Monday Switch Encounter.
  • Learn how to sustain your ministry efforts long term to strengthen missions, spiritual formation and outreach in your church.

How Can I Use the WorkLife Church Guide?

  • Provide practical tools to Awaken, Encounter and Grow work life ministry.
  • Use the 6 Biblical Principles and content for teaching and preaching preparation.
  • Strengthen your missional understanding of how a focus on work undergirds both spiritual formation and outreach.
  • Learn tools and techniques for effectively communicating the value of work to your people.
  • Have access to multiple methods of reinforcing work life through learning the best practices of churches that have gone before you.
  • Use this for casting vision to other staff and elders at your church.

Not on staff at your church? Buy the guide for your pastor or elders so they can see the potential!

What are people saying?

The people who go out into the workplace ARE the church. We need to ask God, ‘How do I organize my church to help equip members to function where God has put them in the workplace? — Dr. Henry Blackaby


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