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Shift: How to Shift from Providing a Living to Providing a Life for Those You Lead


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In this invaluable resource, with Peter Freissle – CEO of Polydeck Corp and founder of His Way at work, you will discover how to shift from using people to get things to using things to get people, how to love people and create a caring culture that honors God in your workplace, and key strategies for creating eternal value and “seeking God’s kingdom first” in your business / ministry organization in a way that will decrease volunteer / employee turn over and increase engagement and ownership exponentially!


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This invaluable resource includes

More About Peter Freissle & Dan Anderson

Peter is the President/CEO of Polydeck Screen Corporation, the leading provider of modular screening solutions for the aggregate, coal and mining industries. With over 350 employees in the US, Chile and Peru, Peter is laser focused on creating a culture of “Care” founded on their core values of “humility, honesty, integrity, respect, trust, accountability, kindness and social responsibility.”

Peter is founder of HWAW, an NPO with a mission to create eternal value in the workplace around the world by helping decision makers understand the importance of caring for people in a way that honors God; generating “EROI,” an eternal return on investment.

Peter is a proud father of four children, who are frequently by his side during community and charity support work. In addition to the many cherished affiliations within the national and international workplace ministry movement, Peter has served for a number of years as an active member of the Board of Directors for Corporate Chaplains of America.

Dan Anderson is the President/CEO of Kingdom Way Ministries a non profit-organization that provides Christ-centered leadership training for business and church leaders. Dan’s passion for developing godly leaders stems from over 20 years of pastoral ministry together with his experience of living out his faith in the business world in multiple leadership positions. He has witnessed firsthand the impact of a Christian leader sold out for Christ.

Dan has authored three books used in KWM’s Kingdom Leadership Councils (See 3 PDF page overviews here toward the bottom of the page) and has trained leaders across the U.S. as well as in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Ghana, Liberia, Guatemala and Mexico.

Through his role with KWM, Dan continues to encourage and equip leaders through monthly coaching groupsworkplace staff training and speaking for conferences, churches, and other community events.

In addition, his Tipping Points Blog encourages hundreds of leaders throughout the U.S. and in more than 25 countries around the world.

Dan and his wife, Ilona, have been married for more than 25 years, and are thrilled to live in the beautiful state of Colorado with their three beloved children – twins sons, Seth and Joel, and daughter, Isabella.

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